10 practical goals to help you thrive in 2020!

If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that having lofty resolutions aren’t enough.

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To help you thrive in 2020, we have compiled 10 practical goals we can all implement to have a productive and successful year.

New year, new me: a misguided quote chanted between December and January, and quickly forgotten for the rest of the year. Life gets in the way and by the time December rolls back around again, we look back regretfully at the abandoned resolutions. Does that sound familiar?

Let’s change that and thrive in 2020 – all it requires is a different approach. Instead of just setting vague or overly ambitious goals, let’s have realistic resolutions and take meaningful steps in the roaring 20s. After speaking with friends, and consulting with elders and self-help gurus, we compiled 10 positive goals that can help you be your best self this year.

1. Take steps towards a healthier lifestyle – and a system to stick to it

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Try setting clear fitness goals this year, such as running the dreaded 2.4km in under 15 minutes, or taking the stairs to your sixth-floor apartment without running out of breath. Focusing on measurable results will help give you a sense of achievement that will serve as a strong motivator to keep exercising throughout 2020. Hate working out alone? Consider signing up for services like F45 or Classpass so you can join group classes or have a workout session with friends.

Set aside time to look after your mental wellness as well. Sit down with your friends and block out weekly or monthly meet ups on everyone’s calendar for hangouts where you can unwind and have honest and open conversations. Or book an appointment with a therapist to work through unresolved issues. Taking these simple steps to keep your mental health in check will help you thrive this year.


2. Organise your health appointments

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Stay on top of appointments with your healthcare providers this year. Aside from semi-annual visits to the dentist to keep your pearly whites sparkling, take proactive steps to see your family doctor regularly.

Having a quick check-up every couple of months could help address any issues you might be facing, whether it’s insomnia, allergies or prolonged fatigue. Plus, a doctor can help spot the early signs of any health problem to rectify it before it becomes chronic.


3. Sign up for a volunteer service

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Heartware network

It’s easy to forget that poverty and suffering exists in our privileged and affluent society, but they do. This year, set aside some time every week or every month to make a difference in your community.

It can be tough deciding where to dedicate your time. Ideally, you should volunteer with organisations or causes you are passionate about. Love animals? Volunteer at the SPCA. Want to bring joy to children in need? Join KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital or Children’s Society volunteer groups. We’re sure the experience will give you warm memories to look back on at the end of the year.


4. Pick up a new skill or hobby

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Have you always dreamt of painting beautiful portraits or writing swoon-worthy poetry? Well, why not start now? It’s never too late to try something new and learn a new skill set. Of course, you may produce less-than-stellar work at first, but if you stay committed, you will get to watch your mastery grow throughout the year.


5. Clean up your home – especially your wardrobe

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner – the perfect excuse to do a major spring cleaning. Take some time to sort out your clothes, makeup, devices, books, and anything else that takes up space in your home. Trash anything that’s damaged and donate the things that no longer spark joy for you to Salvation Army, Image Mission, Green Square and MINDS or to loved ones who could use them. A clean and clutter-free home can greatly improve your mood and productivity.


6. Marie Kondo your relationships

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“Does this person spark joy in my life?” We should regularly reflect on our relationships to ensure we’re surrounding ourselves with people who support our personal growth and happiness. If a person is clearly toxic and unwavering in their ways, maybe you should take a step back and create some distance. If it’s not possible to cut them off entirely, make a conscious effort to spend more time with individuals who boost you, not drain you. This can include planning more family gatherings or simple dinners with your closest of friends. Make sure your social circle is a reflection of who you strive to be as a person.


7. Adopt a circular lifestyle

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As emphasised by our Get It Gal Laura Francois, the best way to save the planet is to reduce consumption and use what you already have. So, after Marie Kondo-ing your wardrobe and social life, consider having a leaner budget plan that prioritises experiences and gatherings, rather than shopping sprees.

If you do require new pieces of clothing or items for your home, consider thrifting or buying sustainably-sourced items.


8. Invest in yourself

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Allocate a fixed amount each month for your savings and insurance expenses. Having a comfortable nest egg for emergencies or major purchases like a home ownership or a wedding can give you peace of mind. Do some research to find an insurance plan that suits your budget and your needs. Having an active insurance plan can really reduce the burden in the case of a health crisis, and will allow you to focus on recovery instead of paying off your medical bills.


9. Start journaling

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Form Nutrition

I know, do we really have to do this English homework assignment all over again? Well, in short, yes. There are many proven benefits to journaling on the daily. Not only does it encourage self-reflection, it also helps you stay mindful of your needs and wellbeing.

Journaling can also be an amazing way to practice gratitude. Start a habit of listing five things you’re grateful for every day, and you’ll find your focus shifting to the sources of joy in your life.


10. Find a mentor

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Girls in Tech

Life can sometimes feel like walking on a road through a thick, dense fog. To help navigate it and stay on track, having a mentor who’s been through it all before can be a huge help. Having a role model to turn to for advice or as a sounding board for your ideas and life decisions can help you attain your goals faster.

Finding a mentor sounds daunting, but they can anyone you look up to, whether that’s your boss, an uncle whom you meet once a year or a cousin working in your dream job. All you have to do is ask.

What is one goal you hope to achieve in 2020? Share your hopes for 2020 in the comments section.

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