Facebook is revamping their privacy checkup tool – here is what it means for you

Facebook is doing a big revamp of their privacy checkup tool, which went live in 2014.

Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool Menu

The privacy checkup tool has become so much easier to use, with more customisable settings.

2019 was not Facebook’s year. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the political consultancy firm obtain the private information of up to 87 million Facebook users for political advertising, led to a US$5 billion fine for the tech giant. So it only makes sense that Facebook would move to improve privacy on their platform. Now, the social network is rolling out a revamp of its privacy checkup tool, which was first launched in 2014.

So, what does this refresh mean for you? Well, the privacy checkup tool now has a simpler layout, but with more options for users to customise their account’s privacy settings to fit their preferences. This way, only the information you are open to sharing can be seen by your intended audience – which will prevent a breach like this from happening again. With that, here are some of the main changes and what they mean for your privacy.

Who can see what you share?

Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool Who Can See What You Share
Tip: Keep your email address private to avoid receiving spam mail from apps and pages you follow. Facebook

This new feature will allow you to see the information recorded by your Facebook account – like your email address, phone number and birthday – and give you control over who can see what. By granting access only to your friends, you’ll be ensuring that companies and bots can’t see your information.

How to keep your account secure

Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool How to keep your accounts secure
Tip: Avoid passwords like “password123” and “qwerty”, which are crazy common and make your account vulnerable to hacking. Facebook

Now when setting or changing your password, the privacy checkup tool will provide tips on creating a secure password. As they warn, “Weak passwords make it easy for other people to get into your account.” If you have not changed your password in a while, it’s time to update it and keep your account safe.

How people can find you on Facebook

Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool How Can People Find You
Tip: Getting too many friend requests? You can restrict your friend requests to “friends of friends only”. Facebook

Have you ever gotten random, confusing friend requests from people you don’t know? With this new feature, you can control how people find your accounts. Can they search up your name to find your account? Who can add you? These can all be controlled from this panel, ensuring only your social circle can find and add you on Facebook.

Your data settings on Facebook

Facebook Privacy Checkup Tool Your Data Setting
Tip: Remember that Harry Potter quiz you did three years ago? It’s still connected to your account – and it’s time to remove it.  Facebook

This is the most important feature of them all – it controls the access apps have to your information! This includes the games you play, quizzes you do and mobile apps that you’ve logged into through Facebook. It gives you control, app by app, to decide which pieces of information they have access to. You can even remove the connection to apps you no longer use.

With these new features at your fingertips, we highly recommend you review your privacy settings. Your Facebook account is one of the largest and most detailed digital footprints you have. So, it’s best to make sure you keep it as secure and safe as possible.

Which updated feature from the Facebook privacy checkup tool are you most excited for? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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