Still figuring out your Halloween look? Here are 5 tutorials you need to check out

Here are five Halloween makeup tutorials of varying difficulty levels that will help you create show-stopping looks.

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So, watch these Halloween makeup tutorials and get your magic wands (a.k.a. makeup brushes) ready – it’s time to slap on the makeup and get into character!

Halloween is less than a week away and if you haven’t planned a look for your night of parties and ghoulish adventures, then this post is perfect for some last-minute inspiration. These Halloween makeup tutorials will allow you to create a costume that is mostly dependent on your face and give you the flexibility for the rest of the outfit. We also considered the difficulty of each look and arranged them in sequence.

Easy: Hand out balloons as Pennywise

With It Chapter Two still fresh in our memories, this look is bound to turn heads at any party you step into. Match this with a colourful outfit, a helium balloon, and a creepy smile to complete the full look. You are bound to win best dressed, or at least be the talk of the party. This look is pretty simple – all you need is a regular palette and some very red lipstick.

Medium: Charm the beasts at the party as a Disney Princess

If Belle could tame the Beast, you can charm the ghouls at every party with this princess-inspired look. The layers of flowers and the pops of colour will surely catch the attention of your Prince Charming. Who knows, you might end up dancing with him till the clock strikes 12. This look requires a little more skill and openness to playing with colours. Also, do prep those adorable flowers in advance.

Hard: Party like it’s Coachella as a Moonchild

One of the biggest draws of Halloween weekends are the parties, and no one knows how to party harder than a Coachella babe. So embrace their vibes and turn yourself into a Moonchild with this tutorial. The look is very glitter heavy and requires a steady hand to draw on the moons and stars. We recommend practicing in advance of Halloween to get the moons and stars just right. If you successfully pull off this look, you will leave everyone stunned with your radiance.

Really Hard: Tone down the scare factor with Rainbow Skull

Why be a normal skull when you can be a rainbow one? This whole look is perfect if you want to embrace the Halloween vibe while still looking approachable and not too scary. But it won’t come easy. It requires some skill and precision to make the look cohesive. You’ll need to pay particular attention to the colour blending on the eyes and jaw. If you are aiming to attempt this tutorial, get that rainbow palette ready, cause you are going to need all the colours you can get.

Expert: Bring out your Ariel vibes with this detailed mermaid look

If only you could trade your voice to have this look magically appear on your face for Halloween. Ariel had it easy. This is one of the hardest looks you can do, especially last-minute. Due to the complex colour blending, the need for specialised tools to create the texture, the careful application of iridescent highlighters and unique brush skills, you might find this a little much for a single night out. But some of us love a challenge, and this is one that will pay off with compliments.

Which look would you choose? Share your choice in the comment section and tag us on your Halloween Instagram post, @visitgalcon.

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