Gin + Detox: Have a blast in the bath

After a long day out, enjoy a happy shower hour with the Gin + Detox.

Gin + Detox Set in Box
Beauty Emporium

The result of a local collaboration, Gin + Detox mixes locally made gin with Singaporean skincare expertise.

What if I told you there is a way to enjoy a nice tipple at the end of the day without having a regretful hangover the next morning? With Gin + Detox, you can bring happy hour to the shower.

Gin + Detox is a collaboration between two local brands – beauty brand Spa Esprit and Singapore-inspired distillery Compendium. Together, they have created a gin-infused body soap that cleanses your skin and detoxifies your body.

Gin + Detox Torched Ginger Distillation
The equipment used to extract the essential oils from the Torched Ginger.

One of the highlight ingredients is torch ginger or rojak flower, an ingredient that gives traditional rojak its familiar flavour and aroma. Essential oils are extracted from the rojak flower, which is believed to treat digestive issues and improve blood circulation.

To balance out the fragrance of the torch ginger, juniper and lemons are added to the mix. This helps bring the scent to a more familiar place – it smells like your classic G & T. Plus, juniper extract is said to reduce fluid retention while lemon uplifts the senses and promotes circulation. To top it all off, clary sage extract is added to help calm you down at the end of a long day.

Gin + Detox 250ML Gin
Enjoy a drink on the house with a complimentary 250ml bottle of the Rojak Gin.

You can grab a bottle of Gin + Detox for S$88 at For a limited time, you will receive a complimentary 250ml bottle of Compendium’s Rojak Gin with every purchase of Gin + Detox so you can have a blast during your gin-infused bath!

If just showering in gin isn’t enough for you, head down to Ding Dong for a serious happy hour. The restaurant has launched two exclusive cocktails to commemorate the collaboration – Klepone and Rojak Fizz.

Gin + Detox Ding Dong

Klepone is a smooth chendol-inspired drink with chendol gin, kaya, pandan and coconut cream. Rojak Fizz on the other hand is a refreshing and zesty cocktail. The combination of Rojak Gin, chamomile syrup, lemon and grapefruit will give you the perfect end-of-the-week pick me up.

You can grab the drinks for S$22 each at Ding Dong for a limited time only.

Would you enjoy a cocktail in the bath or shower? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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