Goo Hara’s passing reminds us that cyber bullying has real world consequences

Goo Hara, known for being a part of K-pop girl group Kara, was found dead on Monday, Nov 25.

Goo Hara Suicide

The singer and actress is now the third K-pop star to have taken their own life in the last two years, drawing scrutiny to the harsh comment given by netizens and the hyper-competitive industry.

The world has lost another K-pop star. Goo Hara from the K-pop group Kara was found dead on Monday, November 25. She had reportedly been struggling with depression because her ex-boyfriend threatened to release their sex tape, prompting online backlash against her.

The ex, hairdresser Choi Jong-bum, threatened to release the video to “end her entertainment career.” The conservative culture in South Korea doesn’t see women affected by revenge porn as victims. Instead, they face ostracisation and shame, both online and offline.

The harsh backlash led to her first suicide attempt in May, which landed her in hospital. Though her ex has since been charged in court for his behaviour, Goo Hara continued to face harassment online. In fact, even after her death, her Instagram account continued to be flooded with comments about her appearance and her situation with her ex.

Goo Hara Jonghyun Sulli Suicide
Jonghyun (left), Goo Hara and Sulli (right) have all taken their own lives in recent years.

Her suicide has really struck a chord with many South Koreans. In a bid to stop online bullying and harassment, a petition has been set up on South Korean presidential office website that calls for stronger punishments for cyber crimes and abusive online comments. The petition garnered over 20,000 signatures in less than a day.

Goo Hara’s passing comes right after the loss of her close friend Sulli, who took her own life in October. Sulli also spoke out about cyberbullying from online netizens.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with depression, self-harm or suicidal tendencies, please call Samaritans of Singapore at 1800 221 4444.

Have you ever dealt with cyberbullying or hate online? How do you move past those comments? Share your experience in the comment section.  

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