We’re hungry for these sushi inspired pouches and bags from Kai

Kai pouches and bags are created by Christabel Chua. Her creations, like the latest Sushi Collection, leave us hankering for more.

kai pouches bags sushi collection set by christabel chua
Turns out you can have it all! The four-piece Sushi Collection Bundle Set is going for S$249. Kai

Novelty pouches made of vegan leather? We’ll take them all.

Christabel Chua’s accessories label, Kai, has been responsible for creating irresistibly cute pouches and stationery that speak to us – for real though, where else are you going to find stickers that say, “you drive me kueh kueh”? This week, Kai ups the cuteness quotient further with the release of its Sushi Collection, inspired by Christabel’s travels to Japan.

At the launch today, Christabel revealed that she travels to Japan multiple times a year for skiing and of course, its good food. The Sushi Collection is inspired by just that. But the best part here is that no fish or animal died in the making of this line of pouches – in keeping with the rest of Kai’s products, all pouches and bags in the Sushi Collection are made with bi-cast leather, also known as vegan leather.

kai pouches bags sushi collection by christabel chua
L to R: Tamago Sushi Pouch, Onigiri Pouch (both S$58). Kai

The four-piece collection comprises three pouches (priced at S$58 each): The Onigiri Pouch, The Tamago Sushi Pouch and The Salmon Sushi Pouch. But the pièce de résistance of the collection, in our opinion, is the Onigiri Bag (S$119) – it looks like an onigiri, if you know, or, it’s just a chic, monochromatic micro-bag, if you don’t!

If you’re sold on the entire collection, you’d be glad to know it’s also sold as a bundle priced at S$249. You can keep all four pieces for yourself or set three pieces aside for Christmas gifts.

The collection is now available at Kai online. Spend S$50 and above and get your items delivered to your doorstep for free. Keep up to date with Kai, follow

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