Bubbly in the bath: Lush delivers bomb-ass goodies for Christmas

The season of giving is almost here, and Lush has curated a line of bath bombs and gift packs loaded with its best products to help make Christmas shopping easier.

Lush's gift pack christmas packs bath bomb knot wrap

Whether it’s for your bestie, your mum, or your own self-care routine, the scent-sational Lush Christmas gift packs make amazing presents.

Lush is ushering in the holiday season with a bunch of new products to help everyone feel refreshed for 2020. What better way to show appreciation to the people in your life than with a curated Lush Christmas pack of self-care indulgences? Start running your baths now!

Joy-filled gift packs

Lush’s range of eco-friendly beauty products complement each other to make you feel and smell great. We’ve picked the best of the Christmas gift packs that combine some of our favourite products.

  • Merry Christmas (duh)

Lush Christmas pack christmas bath bomb merry christmas pack

Merry Christmas is a bath bomb combo that will add some spice to your holiday season. Chris the Camel is first up with its warming concoction of black pepper, cinnamon, and clove oils that will settle you in. Follow it up with the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb for a deep soak in conditioning cocoa butter, almond oil and coconut cream. Finally, reward yourself with sweet ending with the citrus-y and glittery Snow Fairy Bath Bomb.

The Merry Christmas pack retails for S$50.

  • Sweet Christmas

Lush Christmas pack christmas bath bomb sweet christmas pack

Whether you were naughty or nice this year, everyone deserves a sweet Christmas. This pack includes the fruity Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb and Candy Cane reusable bubble bar – perfect for those who need to satisfy a sweet tooth without the calories.

The Sweet Christmas pack retails for S$30.

  • Dreaming of Christmas

Lush Christmas pack christmas bath bomb dreaming of christmas pack

Get yourself in the Yuletide mood with the Dreaming of Christmas gift pack. The Yog Nog shower gel, Dream Cream body lotion and Sleepy shower bomb will give you a comforting mix of French lavender and ylang-ylang oils to help you calm down and drift into slumber on Christmas Eve.

The Dreaming of Christmas pack retails for S$45.

  • Once Upon A Time

Lush Christmas pack christmas bath bomb once upon a time pack

Get your Christmas glow-up with Once Upon A Time. The combination of the Sleepy shower gel, Rub Rub Rub body scrub, Night Bloom soap, Once Upon A Time body lotion, Not So Sleepy shower bomb, and Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub will have you feeling and looking refreshed.

The Once Upon a Time pack retails for S$89.


Delightful bath bombs

Beyond its sustainable line of products, Lush is best known for its colourful and aromatic bath bombs. The British brand has taken it up a notch this season with Christmas-inspired bath bombs shaped into little reindeers, snowmen and Santas. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Rudolph

The perfect mix of vanilla, rose and marzipan scents help create a cozy bath to sink yourself into. Plus, the cocoa butter-infused Rudolph will ensure you step out of the water with your skin feeling soft and supple. The special bath bomb comes with paper antlers, so you can write an uplifting personalised message for your giftee.

You can pick up the Rudolph bath bomb for S$12.

  • Snowman Dreaming

Oozing Chinese cedarwood and lavender oils, this bath bomb is aromatherapy at its finest. Dip your snowman into the bath and watch its dreams unfold – a beautiful rainbow appears as he sinks into slumber.

You can pick up the Snowman Dreaming bath bomb for S$10.

  • Santa

The sweetest gift of them all, Santa is a strawberry-infused bath bomb that will fill the air with the scent of Brazilian orange and sweet tonka bean. The bath bomb is specially made with soybean flour that is gentle on the skin and will leave it feeling super soft.

You can pick up the Santa bath bomb for S$22.

  • The World’s Smallest Disco

The World’s Smallest Disco will turn your bathtub into a party for one. The bath bomb releases an uplifting lemon myrtle and grapefruit mix as it mimics colourful strobe lights in the inky black bathwater.

You can pick up the World’s Smallest Disco bath bomb for S$14.

Bonus: Bath Bomb Holders

Afraid of breaking your bath bombs? You can add bath bomb holders to your gift to protect the little guys. The holders even double up as fun masks when you’re done with the bath bombs.

You can add the bath bomb holders for S$4 each.


Heartwarming (and sustainable) gift wraps

Lush Christmas pack christmas knot wraps

What is a present without gift wrap? Stay festive yet environmentally-conscious with Lush’s Knot Wraps. Made from organic cotton or recycled plastic, the Knot Wraps can be used and reused for years to come. You can get them in seven adorable patterns. Plus, the Knot Wraps are a gift that keeps on giving. Bring your pre-loved Knot Wraps back to Lush to get 50% off a new one if you’ve got your eye on a different design.

You can wrap your gift with Knot Wrap for S$15.

These are just some of our favourites from an incredibly extensive Christmas collection. You can check out the full range at or visit any Lush shop islandwide. Follow their Instagram account, @lushsingapore, for updates.

Which items from the Lush Christmas collection would you add to your bathroom? Share your perfect Lush Gift Pack in the comment section.  

Images: Lush

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