Narelle’s new single “Tears” is truly the weight of water felt

Narelle’s “Tears” music video features real footage of the singer in a therapy session.

“We’re just tears lost in the rain,” sings Narelle in the single taken off her latest EP, Part 2. She tells us why she has decided to open up this way.

Young, vibrant and talented – who could’ve guessed there’s such profound sadness within Narelle? But that’s just it, isn’t it? We’ve all got pain in our lives that we don’t always talk about. In her latest single “Tears” and its accompanying music video, Narelle invites us to take a long hard look at her pain – 3 minutes and 56 seconds of it to be exact – as she sits through a therapy session.

The scenes feature Narelle and her therapist sitting across each other. In some scenes, the therapist fades away and Narelle is alone in the frame and parts of her (and sometimes the words to the lyrics) dissolve into pools of water. At one point, the singer is seen breaking down, which moved us to tears. Turns out tearing, like yawning, is contagious.

And that’s precisely the inspiration for “Tears” – it’s an exploration of the idea that because we all tear, we’re more alike than we think. “Why do we think we lead such separate lives when we’re connected by this thing that also makes up 70% of our body, that has also existed since the beginning of our world? Are we not more similar than we think then? Shouldn’t we care a little more for each other?” ruminated Narelle.

Narelle also hopes that opening the floodgates of her emotions will spark a conversation about mental health. This year, in particular, she says she made extra effort to dedicate time to her wellbeing.

“I made active decisions to work towards it. Like really being attentive to my internal state, what triggers me, what do I lie to myself about. Active journaling and thought. It really is just like exercise you have to be proactive about,” she shared.

But they say crying is purging, and that too, is a form of emotional detox.

“Tears” by Narelle is part of her latest EP, Part 2. Stream it on Spotify now. 

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