Get It Gal: Nicole Lim’s “Something Private” podcast goes deep on women’s sexual health

The Something Private podcast created and hosted by Nicole Lim encourages important conversations about women’s sexual health.

something private podcast for women by nicole lim
“Something Private” is a podcast that explores issues on female sexuality. Something Private

On the podcast, Nicole speaks with experts, other women, and public personalities who discuss their experiences on the subject matter.

Sexual health is a topic that’s riddled with misconceptions – we hear them all the time, whether mentioned in passing or debated about anonymously online. The subject is still seen as taboo in many quarters, with discussions confined to a doctor’s office. All this hush-hushing has led to the perpetuation of fallacies that can pose a danger to a woman’s health and wellbeing. Well, not if this month’s Get It Gal, Nicole, has anything to say about it.

Nicole is the creator and host of the weekly podcast titled Something Private where topics such as birth control pills, periods and breast cancer are discussed candidly and factually on a weekly basis. Season one comprising ten episodes has just wrapped.

“Many of the guests on my show are either pretty vocal or liberal themselves,” she said, “I know that not everyone has the luxury of having such people in their lives, so our podcast helps them listen in on conversations that I think are important to have.”

The birth of Something Private

In May 2019, the Singapore government had announced that all Secondary One girls, i.e., 13-year-olds, would be eligible for free opt-in vaccination against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – a viral infection that is typically sexually-transmitted and can lead to cervical cancer. The announcement was met with pushback. People argued that the vaccination would expose girls to sex at a younger age – even though the intention of the campaign was to reduce the risk of cervical cancer, which claims the lives of 70 women in Singapore each year.

“I thought that was an ignorant basis to argue against allowing girls access to the vaccine, because like it or not, young people are going to have sex with or without the vaccine, and I was unsure if people really knew the benefit behind taking it,” Nicole said.

In response to the backlash, Nicole’s friends began airing their views and sharing what they had learnt about HPV on social media. Nicole pitched in by re-posting the information she saw on her various social media feeds.

“Many friends, both female and male, replied to me expressing interest in knowing more about the jab before making the choice to get the jab. Some of them told me the information on my posts had encouraged them to go forward with taking the jab,” She recounted.

The positive response from her peers showed her that people wanted to understand women’s health better, but not everyone has access to credible medical information. “That’s when the idea of focusing on female health and wellness came in, because doing this podcast would allow me to reach out to health and medical experts, and sharing their insights and knowledge online would be an accessible way for everyone to stay informed about their health,” she said.

something private podcast is hosted by Nicole Lim
Nicole Lim, creator and host of “Something Private” podcast, has released ten episodes, now streaming on Spotify, iTunes and Google Pod. Nicole Lim

Podcasts: a warm and fuzzy place

But why the podcast format specifically? “I think podcasts are a more human, more personal and intimate space,” she explained. It’s the perfect medium to talk about vaginas to vagina-havers (seriously, that’s in their bio on Instagram) and for shy listeners, a great place to tune in to without anybody else knowing.

“Many of the guests on my show are either pretty vocal or liberal themselves,” she said, “I know that not everyone has the luxury of having such people in their lives, so our podcast helps them listen in on conversations that I think are important to have.”

For us, the need for such conversations to be had peaked in episode three, which featured a woman’s experience with sexual assault and her road to recovery. “I wanted to share her story because sexual assault and harassment is very prevalent, but victims often don’t come forward with their stories either because they’re afraid, embarrassed, or they don’t have the correct support,” Nicole explained.

For vagina-havers, vagina-lovers and everyone in between

Even though Something Private was created for women, men have been tuning in too. Over 25% of Nicole’s listeners are men – a fact that makes Nicole happy.

In the coming seasons, Something Private plans to widen the conversation to benefit a larger audience. The very next season of the podcast may expand to include mental and emotional health, and maybe even see a spin-off focused on men’s health.

“I hope that listeners find comfort in listening to the podcast knowing that they have a friend – me, haha – who wants to navigate this crazy, complex and quite intimidating world of wellness and health together with them!” she said.

Tune in to the Something Private podcast on Spotify, iTunes or Google Pod. Check out their Facebook page and Instagram (@somethingprivatepod) for updates.

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This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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